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Truthfulness is a great virtue. It means the virtue of speaking what is true and real. It is one of the most important qualities of human lite. Truthfulness helps a man to achieve success and honour. The man who speaks the truth in all affairs must be respected by others. True happiness lies in the habit of speaking the truth. Truthfulness may not bring us wealth but it can bring peace in our mind. A truthful man becomes a man of good character. Truthfulness helps a man to be regular, punctual, sincere and dutiful. It makes a man responsible to the society and to the country. He possesses a strong personality. He always remains strict is his morality. He never fears to speak what is true and just. He gets the high position in the society and he is honoured by even his enemies. All the great men were truthful in their speech. This habit helped them to be great. A truthful person is an asset of our society. So, we always should be truthful even in danger.


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Tea Gardening

Tea is a kind of plant. Tea mainly grows in china, India, japan Indonesia and Ceylon. It grows on the slope of hills or hilly regions, it requires ex cassava rain water but the taint water must not stay at the root. Tea seeds are sown in a nursery in the rainy season. The tea plants grow twenty to thirty feet high in its wild state but they are not allowed to grow so high in the garden. They are pruned and allowed to grow from three to four feel high. There are four crops a year. The first plucking gives the best tea and the rest tea of inferior quality. The preparation of tea is not a hand work .black leaves are dropped in boiled water sugar and milk are also mixed. Thus a tasteful cup of tea is made.

Your School

The name of our school is Brachikondi High School. It is in the district of Shariatpur. It is one of the best schools in the district. The school is a two-storied building with a large compound. There are twenty classrooms in our school. They are very neat and clean. Besides, there are the headmaster’s room, the teacher common room, the office room, the science laboratory and the geography museum. All the rooms are spacious and well – lighted. There is a very big hall in our school. The annual prize-giving ceremony and other social functions of our school are held in this hall. Our headmaster is an M.A.Ed. he is very kind to us. All other teachers are very good. There are six hundred students in our school. There is a nice play ground in front of school. Every afternoon we play there football, cricket and other games. The results of the S.S.C. examination of our school have all along been good. I am proud of being a student of such an ideal school.

Your Parents

Persons who have given birth to us are parents. Everybody has come on this earth by the grace of his parents. So we are owed to them for our lives.
My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. My father earns for our family and my mother manages the family affairs. They are very active and hard-working. My parents are very careful about us and they are terribly upset when we fall ill. They have brought us up with great care and love. They are very conscious about our education and they teach us at some. We have also got proper guide-lines from them. Their happiness knows no bound when we make any success. My parents are ideal parents. For all these we are fond of them and we are proud of our parents.