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In our day to day life we are experiencing new kind of problem. Our environment is facing new pollution. Arsenic pollution is one of them. It is one of the biggest problems of our country. Arsenic pollution is causing much harm to human life. It is found in water especially in tube-well water. By drinking this water people are suffering a lot. It causes sore in the fingers or in any other part of the body. By drinking water polluted by arsenic people get diseased in various ways. Sometimes the sore turns into gangrene and then to cancer. So arsenic pollution is a great threat to human life. At present there is no medical treatment or medicine that can prevent arsenic pollution. The bad effect of arsenic cannot be described in words. It is a poison. If it gets mixed in our body this or that way, we are sure to suffer in life. So we should take utmost care and guard against this poison. We should find out the remedy to this problem. First we should drink water from a source that contains no arsenic. Tube wells need to be tested to separate the safe from the unsafe. Safe tube wells should be painted green and unsafe ones should be painted red. More tube wells should be set up which are free from arsenic and bacteria. Surface water in pond and river is free from arsenic and so it can be used after a process of treatment. Rain water should be collected for drinking in a bacteria free container. Water should not be boiled to remove arsenic. Healthy balanced diet containing fish and vegetables should be eaten. Food containing vitamins A, C and E should be eaten.


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